Entry: waddle waddle Thursday, November 23, 2006

looking at jonathan leong is not exciting as looking at clothes.

according to maine'maine, that is. I showed her jon leong's photospread in Style Mag today after dinner, and she was like, Ai yo, I thought you were going to show me some nice clothes.

but she also said that he looked quite good in the photos. they slicked his hair back, very different look from the norm Jon =P personally, i still love his voice best (^-~)

caught hady's mv on tv, and can only say... Universal Music is supposed to be home to music greats like U2 etc. But that's not reflected in the music video.

the location for the shoot was not chosen well, you could see lorries parked in the background; the cafe's chairs were the unattractive metal ones; the angles they shot of hady were not his best; the really nice silver jacket he wore in the outdoor scenes was rather out-of-place against the heartlands-esque backdrop, but yet the striped t-shirt he wore in the indoor scenes was too casual and baleno-ish; the storyplot of his girlfriend returning back immediately to forgive him was too manufactured; and there was a scene where he flipped his ears while putting his arms behind his head (maybe hady fans might find this cute =P)

hope that jon leong's mv turns out much better.. and that he has good song selections in his album, especially some nice jazz numbers. yeah =j

finalli, in anticipation of watching "happy feet" (i was joking with my sis that from now on, whenever we wanna go to the ladies to powder our nose, we'll say "happi feet!!! *cough* ploong! *cough* happi feet!!!* =P), here's a little penguin with naughty flippers instead.

 Good night! Be good yeah! Christmas' round the corner! (^-~)


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