Entry: white-walled agony Tuesday, November 28, 2006

just came out from the hospital... the lump on my neck was hurting reawi badly.

no cabs close to midnight... calls. wait.

when i finalli reached the hospital, they took my temperature and said that i was running a slight fever, and had to wear a mask. the lump was all hard, and later started pusing and bleeding. in the end, they had to dig out the rotting portion coz the doctor said the medicine wasn't able to penetrate through to the bottom.

but while stepping into the A&E, an ambulance stopped and two young malay men were rolled out. their heads were bloodied and bandaged. i saw their anxious parents. and i said a prayer.

may they be healed and well.

thank you Lord, for healing me of the lumps on the head. when i had those lumps, i could barely sleep coz of the pain, and woke up everyday with hair all matted with blood and pus. but those were completely healed without any surgery. I know that my neck is completely healed too Lord.

the doctor said that there'll be a cavity in my neck. and i cried to my Daddy God.. but He reawi helped to break through the tears with a special thought. It's a unique cavity - a vampire bite on my neck. A one-toothed vampire. Lestat.. de First. =P

  lady le bitten.  

thank you Lord, for always helping me to see the good in everything.

只愿你的记忆里 有我的拥抱

灵魂有了意义 用每一天珍惜

sighz. i want you to accompany me to our future. (^-^) 


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