Entry: fahrenheit Friday, December 08, 2006


XXX *muachz* Merry pre-Christmas!!! (^-~)

O gosh, is this an obvious excuse to post gifs of Fahrenheit? *blush*

They've been awww-so-entertaining to watch on the many variety shows youtubed because they're so humorously quarrelsome =P

It's refreshing to see a boyband whose members all have distinct entertaining personalities coupled with good looks, rather than: non-descript personalities (sowwie 183 club!), members not all equally attractive (sowwie F4), entertaining personalities but lacking slightly in the looks department (sowwie 5566), cheesy blandness (i'm so sowwie 2moro!), members leaving all the time (sowwie Energy), and members who have all left (Comic Boyz).

Plus, they have v. good stylists who outfit them in tasteful togs and hairstyles scrunched just right. In an industry where image is everything, this is tres important, undoubtedly =j F4 had many a failed styling, and for the rest of the boybands, I guess silence is gold on this subject *oops!* The boyband that takes the cake (for me at least) must be 183 club, because I've never had so much goose pimples as when I watched their MV on tv once where they postured and preened in impossible tight vests and plunging necklines. Egad!! Oh no, even the name..... how do u squeal that?!

My favvie Fahrenheit member is.... maybe u'll like to guess? =j But I must say that how he became my fav was when I realised that whenever I watched their variety shows, I would invariably notice his actions and words more compared to the rest. He didn't strike me as the best-looking one when I first watched them, but somehow he drew my attention with every show =j

All the best in your fledgling showbiz career, Fahrenheit! They're all down with sicknesses due to their hectic schedule and one tore his leg ligament, so here's wishing that all may be healthy and strong, and shine on-screen and off! Break out the bubbly, folks! A toast! To health and life (^-~)b


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